Announcement: The Button Box V4.0 will be available to buy from my online shop very soon. The V4.0 has a host of new features and functions which include an OLED display, rotary encoder, added scales, reverse keys function, fine tune and much more.  Check out all the new features in the manual here. Made out of black anodised aluminium with laser etched writing and logo the V4.0 looks and feels like a slick product which comes with upgraded metal buttons as standard.





Announcement: It’s landed!! The Button Box V3 is now available to buy from my online shop here. The unit fits both the Vestax PDX 3000 and 2000. It’s made out of metal and powder coated in a matt black finish with a lovely laser etched logo. The best bit is you do not need to mod your turntable as it makes use of two existing screws on the turntable and the foot to secure it down…simple!




Announcement: You can now buy the Button Box from my online shop here. Currently you can only order fully made units but I will be putting up an option to buy kits in the next few days. Thanks for your support!


The ‘Button Box’ arrives! It will be available in kit form very soon. More details to follow.


It’s been a long time since I did any updates. I’ve been super busy doing workshops and with an added addition to the family, updates have taken a back seat so to speak!

I have some major news in regards to the Midi buttons for turntable. I have been quietly working on an updated version of this over the past few months in my spare time and it is not too far from becoming a working prototype. It will have tactile buttons with loads of added features that will expand on the features that the Vestax Controller One has. I will give you more information in the next coming weeks. So to all the people that have contacted me about this, hold tight, it’s ‘a coming y’all!


A track written for turntable called ‘I Seen Now’. The turntable I’m using is a Vestax Controller One which allows me to pitch notes (8 buttons at the bottom lefthand side of the turntable) and the ability to change scales just like a traditional instrument. I’m using the Native Instruments F1 (controller in the middle) to quickly change what sample I have on the vinyl eg: bass tone, chords and synth tone.


I’ve uploaded some melodic sketches for turntable on my YouTube channel. More things will be coming soon so check back when you get a minute peeps!



I have taken the Midi buttons – BUY page down for a min…don’t worry, I’m working on V2 of the box. V2 will have tactile buttons like the Vestax Controller One. I have added the following features:

Octave up and down buttons

Semitone up and down shift

Reset to middle C 

The unit will be made from perspex and will house around the corner of any (midi capable) turntable. Like before it will power off USB (doesn’t have to be from a computer) and have a midi in port. Keep checking back for updates!


I have set-up a page to sell my Touch Capacitive Buttons for turntable. I have had so much interest from people from all over the world wanting to buy the buttons that I thought it best to have all the information about them in one place, and somewhere to order them from. I will have a shop up in the next few days. Head over to the Midi buttons – BUY to read more.


Workshop news: I will be doing a week long project for Drake music working alongside a good friend of mine, Matthew Halsall. We will be getting the participants to remix Matt’s ‘On The Go’ album by sampling the CD, and through sampling a live performance. Using cutting edge technology including touch capacitive midi controllers, soundbeams, theremins, iPads and traditional instruments, the participants will come up with an individual remix by the end of the week. We will then do 3 performances at schools around Manchester to perform and showcase what the participants came up with.


I will be releasing an EP soon under the name PolyKrome. It will be an uptempo outing that will be more for the dance floor with some experimental pieces to mix it up. Keep an eye out on social media: PolyKrome’s Soundcloud and Facebook page.


So, I won a remix competition set up by Mercury prize nominees Go Go Penguin. I entered under a different name so no one would know who it was. You can check out the remix here: Go Go remix – Big thanks to Go Go Penguin and Gondwana Records!